Why Us


Vast Experience

efmfm comes from Newt Global, a USA Head Quartered technology conglomerate with a global footprint. Efmfm is operational in 5 countries from Mexico in West to Philippines and India in East, Guatemala and South Africa in the south. NGFV is adding multiple countries to its portfolio in the coming months in South East Asia and the MENA area.

In India efmfm installations runs from NCR in north to Kochi in South, Kolkata in East to Mumbai in west and all over the country covering 12 cities and counting…


Proof is adoption of efmfm by some of the largest clients in the industry.


One Shirt DOES NOT FIT All. So the ability of the solution to adapt to best practices of the client organization. We believe in the core engineering of ETMS to provide the best control on operations to the client team. Most of efmfm features and configurations can be controlled and set up at a facility level and shift level.

You could set up your employee request cut off at a shift level or facility level. You could set up your fleet combination at a shift level. Efmfm provides more than 200 configuration items to let you customize the software to bring best of economy, flexibility and compliance in operations.

  • The largest Oil company in the world has adopted efmfm cross multiple countries
  • Very large BPO company with 70K+ employees’ has adopted efmfm across multiple countries
  • Larges HR outsourcing company in the world has adopted efmfm & Many more…..


Efmfm covers all aspects of a standard ETMS suitable for a large global enterprise from employee request to rostering to routing, live tracking, invoicing and reporting.

Each aspect of employee transportation is covered in efmfm in a very high level of depth and breadth.


Best Language Support

Efmfm speaks your language.

Employees and drivers will best communicate in local language. Efmfm comes with local language support.