360° ETMS

360° ETMS : Employee Transport Management Solution

A comprehensive 360° solution to streamline Corporate Employee Transportation.

Transport Admin Command Center

  • Executive dashboard
  • Extensive authorization facilities, role based permissions, individual permissions
  • Complete control on master data, on the fly add/edit any employee, vendor, vehicle, driver, guard and what not
  • More than 200 choices of configuration to implement organization policies and control transportation flow, most controls at facility level with some controls at individual shift level.
  • Roster control and visibility including capacity ceiling on shift level, employee request control at shift level.
  • Flexible, multiple routing algorithms to suit varying business scenarios, ability to add/edit employees in console. High vehicle utilization and high employee satisfaction built in.
  • Live tracking, female tracking
360° ETMS
employee cntr stge

Employees Center Stage

  • Employee App and Web App with all functionalities
  • Driver device, employee device, RFID, QA code supported onboarding/offboarding
  • Female safety features, safe reach button, panic button
  • Masked call to transport, call to driver
  • Panic alerts thru app
  • Driver rating and comments

Transport Billing Team

  • 100+ Invoicing variants
  • Granular control on vehicle type, vehicle capacity, utilized and billed vehicle configuration, AC/Non AC use and billing, tolls, B2B routes, GST, and a lot more.
  • Extensive financial analytics including vendor wise, site wise, vehicle wise, route wise, employee wise, project wise, cost center wise billing and a lot more.
billing team
complient team

Transport Compliance Team

  • Extensive vehicle and driver compliance facilities
  • Vehicle inspection facilities on mobile app and web application
  • Detailed penalties, integration with billing and invoicing
  • Extensive audit trails


  • Dashboards for operational parameters
  • Dynamic, self configurable reports
  • Analytical reporting for Decision support system
  • ML based continuously learning routing algorithm
  • Completely Geo Code based routing algorithm for matured transport operations


  • Electronic trip sheets
  • Field app for vendor supervisors, complete control on fleet and drivers, add/edit drivers/vehicles, get all allocated routes, attach vehicles (pre attached or change or attach at shift time)
  • Detailed compliance emails, notifications
  • Detailed trip and billing reports


Driver app with driver profile maintenance
Live tripsheet, and live directions
Ability to call employee and transport desk
Ongoing ETAs for next destination

guard security

Escorts/Security guards

Mobile app
Complete visibility of trips, vendors, drivers,
Ability to release vehicles, not down any exit parameters

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