Real-time tracking is unstoppable


Uber changed our lives forever. The customer experience of using a cab now is vastly different and tomorrow’s customer is getting used to this enhanced experience of convenience and quality of information.

In recent years with very high penetration of smartphones and other mobile devices, as well as very high quality of maps available now across the world, real-time tracking has become highly refined and available.

In any arena of #customer service, if the service professional is moving in the field, and is required to visit the customer in person, the customer would benefit from knowing when the service professional will arrive and know this with accuracy and not rough estimates. Productivity for a busy customer is a key and precise information is a great tool to allow planning of time. So in some form or other every field professional will be tracked in near future and precise ETA (expected time arrival) like Uber or Lyft etc. will become a defacto standard.

For business organizations, engaged in activities where direct interaction with the customer is a must to deliver their product or service, the gain in productivity will be immense. Human resources engaged in delivering such product or services, as well as hardware resources like vehicles, distance traveled by vehicles, is the big part of the expense. By using #real-time tracking technologies, business organizations know the route, time and location of these resources and optimize delivery/service appointments to result in reduced distance traveled between deliveries/appointments. This reduction in travel time leading to saving of resource (human as well as a vehicle) is direct money in the pocket for the business organization.

Since the business organization is enabling a customer to plan better on their time, as well as avoid unwanted phone calls from delivery/service professional informing arrival time (which most of the time is very approximate), will get a higher level of customer convenience leading to higher customer loyalty and increased business.

No doubt that real-time tracking will face initial resistance from a quarter of service technicians and professionals. But if thought well, the technology will improve the productivity of these field professionals, resulting in either more free time or ability to do more jobs within the same time and more prosperity for them.

Like having a mobile phone so that people can reach you is no more an option, it is a necessity for any professional, Real-time tracking soon will be a must for any field professional and not much of an option.

Needless to say, a better-served customer is a competitive advantage too.